Pangya event to celebrate Cecilia’s birthday

Pangya announced today that it will launch a special 2-week event to help commemorate Cecilia's birthday. Starting today, and running through June 30th, players can partake in the fun with the opportunity to win unique in-game prizes that celebrate Cecilia's June 23rd birthday.

As she is getting into her late twenties, Cecilia has been trying to keep her birthday a secret. But no secrets are safe on Pangya Island! Someone found out about her birthday and the entire island began preparing for her birthday party. Cecilia thanked everyone on Pangya Island for being so wonderful, and then made it clear that she didn't want a birthday party. Cecilia decided to show her gratitude to everyone on Pangya Island by giving away special prizes.

When the event begins at 12:00AM PDT, players will receive a Cecilia Birthday title when they log into the game. During the event, players will be able to purchase birthday items for Cecilia's birthday in the Pangya Shop, including Cecilia's Birthday Hat, Cecilia's Specs and Cecilia Comets. Hats and glasses are available for Pang, while Comets are available for points. Many of Cecilia's outfits are even being offered at a 30% discount during her birthday event! Get her a nice new outfit and help take her mind off her age, while scoring some cool new in-game items!

 "We wanted to be able to reward all of our loyal Pangya players by involving them in the celebration of Cecilia's birthday bash," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.  "This is a great time for both our current fans and new players to participate in the 2-week event and win some unique in-game items in the process!"

Check here all you need to know about Pangya. And visit its official website.

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