Pangya: a new tournament

Ntreev USA,  announced today it will launch an all-new tournament for its popular online golf game, Pangya starting tomorrow March 26th at 3 PM PST. The Tri Caddie Open Tournament will feature terrific in-game prizes like special coupons and Cash Points and fabulous real-world prizes including a Nintendo Wii console with the Super Swing Golf game and Amazon Gift Cards up to $150!

The Tri Caddie Open Tournament will be one of the most exciting Pangya tournaments to date! To participate players just have to login to one of the three servers: Black Papel, Titan Boo or Dolfini and jump into a tournament room hosted by a GM. Players will face four rounds from Qualifying up to the Final Round, and each round will feature special in-game prizes including Papel Shop Coupons, Love Chocolate, Gacha Coins, Scratchy Cards and up to 5,000 cash points. The final round will feature top prizes including a Nintendo Wii, Super Swing Golf Season 2 and up to a $150 Amazon Gift Card.

"With three separate tournaments on three different servers, this tournament will definitely be one of the most complex and exciting event that we have held for our players, said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "The Panyga tournaments are always a great success, and with up to 99 players in each tournament room, this will give a lot of players a chance at these great prizes."

Check here all you need to know about Pangya. And visit its official website.

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