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Developed by Young Internet Inc. for Windows.


Panfu is a friendly, virtual world in which children can play, have fun and make friends. Each child chooses a panda, gives it an identity and discovers the panda world of Panfu. They can interact and chat with other children, play games, send greeting cards and learn the basics of Spanish through the immersive learning principle, all while developing their creativity! Children can earn virtual money, called Panfu coins, by helping other pandas and playing games. With Panfu coins they can, for example, buy clothes, own pets and decorate their tree houses. This way, they learn to manage money while having fun.


In Panfu, the currency is called Panfu coins. You can earn Panfu coins by playing the games.
There are many different games from which you can choose: Fish'n'Fish, Hubi, Train Your Brain, Bolly Hop and many more. The better you get at these games, the more points you win and the more Panfu coins you earn.


Every panda gets their own tree-house. If you have the Panfu Gold Package, you can purchase furniture for your tree-house that fits your taste. You can open your tree-house to other pandas. This means that you can invite them even if they are not on your friends list.


The pets of your Panfu pandas are small, soft creatures which look a little like ducks and are called Bollys. Penelope Panda brought them back with her in January 2008 from her expedition through Patagonia in South America. So now, pandas can finally have their very own pet. Thanks to their loyalty and friendliness, Bollys are very cuddly creatures and make great pets.


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Panfu

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4 Comentarios de Panfu

  1. Areark

    Ok i know alot of people hate panfu but i love it its awesome! its my favorite game!!!!!!!!

  2. panfu don’t

    I am a player of panfu the game has alot of issues there is sexual behaviour and plenty of money is ivoled in the gold panda package and the items on the game are high prices also the bloggers only blog about them selves.In other comments its states that the are to many limits that are to long and no other mmorg have this like if you want to use the dance feature then you can only do it once then wait like 1 hour to do it again saffety is an issue panfu becuase of plenty of hackers data and ip steals and frequent bannig and blocking hacks panfu is not a really big english game there is a huge mix of lunguage and often time on such as the spainish and poland servers might have huge ammounts of swear words that go unditected there i suggest you play othere games like club penguin disney and moshi monsters mind candy both are trust worthy companys sorry if this disapoints you good bye and have a good night.

  3. Unknown

    i dont get why so many people like club penguin the chat is awful if you say choclate it dosent even show its just gay and most people use money maker for clubpenguin its ruined ever since disney took over it panfu may have a some bugs but its defiently better than clubpenguin

  4. Milton

    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed
    and I hope you write again soon!

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