Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions begins its open beta

Deutsche Telekom has started the open beta of its strategy browser game Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions. The game sends players into battle for power and supremacy in a devastated fantasy world torn apart by war. They slip into the role of a demon lord and wrestle with others to conquer the world and gain the title of arch-demon. To reach their goal and extend their area of power, they accumulate raw materials and expand their fortress. In a pact with other players, they survive against powerful opponents and can jointly destroy their enemies.

Panda RW1 Panda RW2

Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions Features:

·         Collect and manage raw materials to construct a fortress with numerous buildings.
·         Set up an army of dreadful demons and hold epic battles as PvE / PvP.
·         Explore the extensive overworld, conquer fields of raw materials and expand your realm by constructing new fortresses.
·         Joint battles against alliances of other players to conquer the world.
·         Carry out numerous quests and collect experience points.

Panda RW3 Panda RW4

Information source: press release of Deutsche Telekom.

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