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Pandaemonic - Lords of Legions is a free-to-play browser MMORTS in which you fight to dominate a fantasy world devastated by war. Players embody a Demon Lord who tries to expand his empire, building forts, training a demonic legion  and attacking their enemies.


  • Build your own fort and fill it with numerous buildings.

  • Explore the Upperworld, expand your Kingdom and built new forts.

  • Train a demonic legion and take part in intense PvE and PvP battles

  • Complete quests, earn experience and rise to the position of Archdaemon

  • No Download required

  • Completely free-to-play


Pandaemonic - Lords of Legions players will have to manage 4 different resource types:

  • Fear - This resource is needed to summon and maintain your Legion.

  • Bones - Bones are the basic resource needed to build all buildings and units

  • Sulphur - It is necessary to construct advanced buildings and train powerful units.

  • Obsidian - Obsidian is required to build nearly every higher building.


In the game you have to build different types of buildings that have to be placed in the appropriate areas and that can be improved to increase its capacity and efficiency:

  • Throne of shadows - This building is the centre of the player’s power, wherefrom new resource fields are accessed, upgraded buildings are unlocked and the production is monitored.

  • Black Gate - The Black Gate is an insurmountable wall out of black Obsidian, a mighty bastion to resist enemy attacks, allowing the player’s legions to fight back invading armies way more effectively and to receive generous bonuses on their combat strength.

  • Eye of the Mo'kai - This watchful eye vigilantly surveys the lands around the Obsidian Fortress, always scouting for enemy legions and notifying as soon as an enemy is discovered.

  • Seed of the Mo´Kai - The Seed of the Mo´Kai can be summoned in the nest to expand the realm by planting it into a free chasm to create a new fortress.

  • Chamber of Dread, Boneyard, Sulfur Plant and Obsidian Field - These are the four resource buildings, each providing a specific type and amount of resources.

  • Daemon Portal - This building is the gateway to the world of Wylar, which is used for legions, troop movement and transports.

  • Hatchery - Hatcheries are a basic requirement for a large and strong legion as they store cultivated Imps until they are needed for the summoning Daemons.

  • Cradle of Wrath - The Cradle of Wrath summons Daemons, Ghosts and Beasts and trains them for war.

  • Hoard - All resources players have mined or looted from enemies can be stored here.

  • Basalt Statue - This statue functions keeps the players treasuries well hidden and safe from plundering.

  • Twilight Horn - The Twilight Horn enables players to join a covenant and after several upgrades create their own covenant.


When you build a Twilight Horn in your abyss, you can send requests to join the other players Covenants (guilds). Once you upgrade the building to level 4, you will be able to establish your own Pact.

In the Covenants players can interact with each other via world and covenant chat, send private messages, send troops to help allies or trade  resources with them.


You can train a demonic legion using the troops that are listed below:

Basic units

  • Possessed Wylar - Lower demons responsible of carrying the loot.

  • Lower Daemon - They have a balanced combat capabilities, a good resistance and are easy to invoke

  • Shadow Walkers - Infiltrate enemy forts and report about their strength and weaknesses

  • Golem - Draw the enemy attacks, does little damage, but its defense is huge.

  • Raging Beast - It is very fragile but it can do a lot of damage.

  • Fire Elemental - Launch devastating fire attacks of huge range.

Advanced units

  • Wylar Trails - They can charge a lot of resources, are fast, and never grow tired.

  • Daemon Warrior - possess balanced battle stats in addition to a superior strength.

  • Shadow Rider - Performs quick ambushes.

  • Obsidian Golem - Very slow but prevents the damage done to the legions.

  • Two-headed beast - Able to do an enormous amount of damage and devours their enemies.

  • Magma Spitter - Burn and bury whole legions and regions and has an enormous range.


  • Web browser

  • Internet connection

Website: Pandaemonic – Lords of Legions

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