Packages with exclusive items for Heroes of Gaia

Register yourself in Heroes of Gaia, from Sunday 19, through this link (or just click over the image below) and you will earn a vast package with exclusive items to start in the new realm, Nemesis.

Check the list of items you will get with us.

x1 Small Magical Scroll Package
Contains 5 Magma Flow Cards, 5 Avalanche Cards, 5 Desert Storm Cards, and 5 Sandstorm Cards

x3 Book of Apprenticeship Experience
Defending hero  receives  10,000 experience instantly.

x1 Technician's Equipment Box
Yellow or higher level equipment.

x2 Power of the God of War(Small)
Adds 10 points to all abilities of the designated hero for 3 hours.  Time period of the effect is stackable, but not the points.

x1 Babel Tower Access Card
Allows player an additional visit to the Babel Tower. Players can use up to two per day.

x1 Rename Hero Card
Allows you to rename your hero to whatever you like.

x1 Rename Castle Card
Allows players to rename their Castle to whatever they like.

x2 Hero Task Card
This card grants players 20 additional hero tasks.  Up to 4 cards per day.

x1 Fighting Madman Card
This card allows players two additional battles in the Arena.

x5 Hero Card
This card refreshed the list of Heroes in the Tavern immediately.

Check here all you need to know about Heroes of Gaia. And visit its official website.

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