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Developed by Ubiport Inc. for Windows.


Oz World is a virtual world social MMORPG with an emphasis on meeting others as well as dating. It is a virtual 3D chat game and is the first and oldest commercial massively multiplayer online game.


It doesn't really feature any combat or quests that don't focus on fishing or collaboration, but there are in-game events and tons of customization options for those who want a casual relaxing MMO space. There's an item shop for extras.


OZ World is set on the towns of OZ, where players can interact with other players and buy items to customize their avatar, among other possible activities such as fishing.


Pentium 166mhz
32 RAM
50 MB free HD space
Windows 98, 2000, XP
Modem w/ at least a 28.8 conncetion

Website: Oz world

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  1. b0mberman

    Oz World is one of the best 3D social MMO games avaiable. It’s a unique fishing game where players can explore a virtual world and meet people from all over the world. Primary objective of the game is fishing and chatting with friends or strangers. You can also explore the different shops located at all around the game – dressing up your avatar and your own house, participate in the game events held by users or GMs, get married and start a family, and many more…
    If you want a break from other combat-ruled MMORPG games, and want a game to relax and socialise with friendly people, then give Oz World a try!

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