Our coverage of the Guild Wars 2 Community Day

We went to Brighton to offer media coverage of the Guild Wars 2 community and press event that NCSoft and ArenaNet organized so we’re going to give you a description of it and some media content for you to know how it has been.

Everything started in the morning with a presentation of their flagship, Guild wars 2, but we’re going to skip that part since everybody knows the game already, for those who just heard this game title for the very first time, you have nice profile of the game here. The best part came went we got to put our hands on it, guided by both Arenanet and NCSoft crew we had some free time to play as we wanted, unfortunately there were 2 races unavailable as in the Beta Weekend, Asura and Sylvari, so we went with one of the other races, as soon as you get to your first storyline shared event, which takes place on the first minute you get into the game, we realized that we were running the first step of the event, which was defending a bridge from centaurs, while other press members were already killing the final boss of the same event and we couldn’t see them since they were behind a locked door, so after asking an ArenaNet developer it seems like some events like this one can be run by several players in several stages so all of them got the feeling that they’re the first ones doing it, so as soon as they killed the boss our gates opened and started the second part and final boss of the event, there are other events in which you can catch up the current progress even if it’s in its final stage though, it depends on the event.

Another interesting fact is that the events are stackable, we may say, this means that you can be running an event of helping to provision a village while suddenly some bandits attack it (second event) and a boss that is wandering around (third event ) happens to pass by pretty near and joins the fight too, so you find yourselves with provisions in your hands, and having to defend a village from bandits while at the same time trying to kill a huge boss, since the events system is a flawless game mechanic, it escalates depending on how many players get involved in each one and it keeps escalating all the time so you will always find yourself in a maybe-hard-but-doable situation, so you can choose to complete a specific event, two, or even all of them, so if everybody plays it well and help each other, remember you can resurrect your downed and fallen friends, you can kick all the bad guys out of there and get the village provisioned, important thing is not to panic.

After that we tried organized pvp as we all joined organized pvp and played like 5 or 6 maps winning and losing some of them as they system mixed us all in every single map. PvP is fun, it takes a while to die so you have time to use some crowd control, evade or healing skills and keep fighting, and due to this “everybody can resurrect you even in combat” thing it is very very competitive and funny, point is that there are more things to do than just killing foes or take over bases, depending on the map you have trebuchets to help your team by dealing ridiculous amounts of damage to the enemies, destroy buildings and more, all it’s required is a little practice with its controls, in the other map we played there were some npcs, big bosses, that you can fight, (yeah pve inside pvp is epic) and if you defeat them they will help you by attacking your enemies, and that may change the tide of the battle for sure.


Last thing we made there was having the amazing chance to get to ask some questions to the ArenaNet crew at Seattle through a video call we all had with them, despite of the fact that they didn’t ask the classic release date question, they all were so friendly and open. We’re currently transcribing that session and it will be posted soon.

Another interesting fact, we got to put our hands on the Charr figure that will go along with the Collector’s Edition and it’s huge and so detailed, is a must have for those who like figures and the lore of Guild Wars for sure, just check the photos, there is nothing left to say.

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