The Onion Knights Now Available on Steam

Tower defense game "The Onion Knights" launches on Steam today. It's available for 9,99€, but offers a 20% discount during this week. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 as well soon.

“The Onion Knights: Definitive Edition” offers additional goals for players to aim for with its achievement system as well as plenty of options to upgrade their heroes and unlock the true power of the knights - best of all: Publisher Insel Games dispensed with the in-game shop, offering the full experience for a one time purchase of the PC version.

Featuring fantasy-themed visuals and RPG elements, players must defend their castles from endless hordes with the help of three knights and their special abilities. It offers easy-to-learn controls and strategic progression. Players will to complete 16 battlefields and 160 stages with both easy and hard difficulty modes.


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