Ntreev launches Act 2 of Grand Chase season 3

Ntreev USA announced today that Act 2 of its all-new Season 3 update for its online action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand Chase, launches today. Act 2 features a new Item Forge system, Monster Cards and two new dungeons.

Act 2 will launch the new Item Forge system which centralizes all the item creating and dismantling through a single non-player character. Players no longer have to sort through all of their items in the inventory to forge a new item. This new system features streamlined menus for each character as well as the item types. Grand Chase players can look forward to new, fun and exclusive items that can be obtained through the new system in the future! Another new component of Act 2 is the Monster Card feature which brings collectability to players. All of the dungeons, when defeated through 3-star difficulty and or Champion Mode, will have an opportunity to obtain the new Monster Cards. When players attach the Monster Cards to certain items they will enjoy bonuses such as EXP boost or added stats. A variety of items will offer from one-to-three card sockets, and players will be able to attach the cards to their likings and enhance their abilities in the game.

Additionally, one new dungeon will be released with Act 2: Under Hammer which is on found the map of in Archimedia.

"These new offerings introduced in Act 2 are sure to become invaluable tools that will add a lot of fun and playability to the game," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "We have received some really exciting feedback from our community and can't wait to release this next act in the Season 3 chapter."

Check here all you need to know about Grand Chase. And visit its official website.

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