Ntreev introduces Prime Knight for Grand Chase

Ntreev USA,  introduced today, Prime Knight, an all new job, in Grand Chase. This is the 4th job for Sieghart and is available starting today

"Grand Chase's stable server continues into 2010 running strong and reliably for the last two years and we are committed to keeping Grand Chase one of the most popular MMOs available," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.  "Sieghart was already a force to be reckoned with, but Grand Chase players are going to really enjoy this new job because it is one of the strongest and most powerful jobs we have ever introduced."

About Sieghart's  4th Job-- Prime Knight Prime Knights wield a sword called the "Soluna," which is two swords in one, with one part representing the Sun and the authority of the gods, and the other part representing the Moon.  A Prime Knight has the privilege of being chosen by the gods, and must undergo many trials and hardships commensurate with this privilege. Only those who can overcome these challenges can become a Prime Knight. 
Players must attain Level 40 and complete the 3rd job change mission to begin the Prime Knight Mission. The mission scroll is available as a Game Points or Cash Scroll.  With two swords in one, the Prime Knight has a long reach without being hindered by the weight of such a large weapon, and as a result can dominate his enemies with his quick moves and attacks.

Prime Knight can grab and link combos by timing special commands and keys.  The Prime Knight's Rage Mode is more powerful than any of Sieghart's past jobs; combining his attacks and skills with Rage will up the number of hits and change the motions on his grabs and taunts, maximizing their power.  When his rage is unleashed, the Prime Knight is formidable warrior, able to charge through enemy lines and leave nothing but destruction in his wake.  Three new grade attacks - Highlander Assault, Soul Edge and Unlimited Blade - each feature powerful skills including rapid jabs, mighty jumps and slashes, and incredible speed from all angles. 

About Sieghart
Sieghart was a renowned hero of Bermesiah 600 years ago, but disappeared in the midst of ruins. Reappearing in the times of Grand Chase, he tells the people that the Highlander gods saved him from death and gave him the gift of immortality. He joins the Grand Chase to stop the God of Conquering from a planned invasion to Bermesiah.
Sieghart bears the name of Elesis' grandfather and has a chargeable gauge to strengthen attacks (similar, though not identical to Jin's gauge) that fills over time, faster when damaged or dealing damage. He wields a long blade that, in contrast to Elesis' weapon, he holds in reverse. Like Jin, he appears to be adept in several styles of combat.

Check here all you need to know about Grand Chase. And visit its official website.

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