NPC realms for conquest in FreeSky Online

In Freesky Online, even the greediest treasure hunters have had their doubts about the legendary fortunes rumored to be hidden throughout the land. It turns out that the legends are true, as adventurous players will discover beginning Monday, September 13th, when the Freesky Online team launches a new event that will open NPC realms for conquest by alliances.

The upcoming campaigns will put alliances’ skills to the test, as game officials expect a record turnout. With many alliances involved, new tactics and unprecedented levels of coordination will be the keys to victory. The hard work will definitely pay off, as incredible rewards will be up for grabs.

Event Details
The NPC realms event will be held Mondays and Wednesdays. NPC troops will be refreshed at regular intervals. Wipe out the NPC troops first as you strive to conquer the main castle. The Boss standing guard over the castle will have a chance to drop battleship blueprints. However, alliances will only be allowed to remain on the battlefield for a short time. Also, the upper limit for the size of an army is scaled to 300,000 tons. These limitations will be crucial to alliances’ plans. An event timer will be posted on the Freesky Online site, and when it runs out, the victors will be determined. There will also be a chance for alliances to compete for additional rewards during a special battle at 10:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on days when the event is held.

To be eligible for rewards, competing alliances must display their distinctive logos when taking down the castles in the designated NPC realms. Game officials will award 20 Lottery Codes to the leaders of alliances who claim that day’s Level 3-4 NPC realms or Level 4-5 NPC realms at the appropriate time. Leaders are also entitled to a Warlord’s Armory. The prizes will be delivered through the in-game mail system, and it will be up to the alliance leaders to distribute them to their members.

Better Drops
For added incentive, the drop rate for Arc Blueprints will be significantly increased during the event. A triumphant alliance may even end up with a complete Arc set, which will go a long way toward boosting their combat forces.

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