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Developed by SLX Games for Internet browser.


Nord is an online community in 3d, under a browser based game, where every player has his/her own character and own area to be creative on. This area can be used for various weird purpouses.

Instead of just running around killing monsters, Nord is a place where you party and have fun! Nord is free from violence and full of wonderful islands, villages, mazes, race tracks, clubs and farms, all built by players. Creativity is key and your imagination the only limit!


The game set in a rich 3D environment with a wide range of landscapes such as forests, dungeons and deserts. Each new player expands the world further by adding a new village that can be uniquely designed using over 700 building blocks – with more building blocks being added all the time. Nord features unique and non-violent gameplay that promotes a friendly atmosphere for people of all ages to socialize and have fun!


To level up in Nord you need to gather various resources. Different levels have different resources. These resources are found in various places in the Nord world. Some of them are lying around in forests, some need to be planted by yourself, and some can be found in other users villages. Nord is all about being friends with as many as possible and sharing your resources with them. You will quickly learn that cooperation in Nord is key to success!


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Nord

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