Nival has unveiled new heroes for Prime World

Nival has unveiled the second batch of new heroes for its upcoming MOBA game Prime World. The game is now in open beta in Russia and will soon be coming to North America, with new game modes, a castle management system to help you upgrade your heroes and connections to Prime World titles on other platforms.

Each Hero is available to both factions but under different names:

- Phantom/Faceless: A stealthy assassin whose mastery of the knife and ability to blink out of danger will serve him well, if he can strike quickly

- Cryo/Blizz: This ice queen slows her enemies and can even freeze them in place, doing extra damage with her chilly magic.

- Jaeger/Wolf Dancer: This fighter has a pack of wolves at his command and can deal damage proportional to the wild beasts under his control.

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