Nida Online’s Gkash codes to closed beta testers

Nida online

We are offering to the closed beta testers 2000 code keys to have GKash in the open beta of Nida Online. This free to play MMORPG has advanced weaponry and large robotic suits. Nida is a planet where the classes of Knights, Mages, Summoners, and Artificers battle for dominance.

You only need to visit this link to get your code key.


“A hybrid action MMORPG will awaken the hero within you”


- Vibrant Graphics Unlike ordinary 3D games that only accentuate realism, NIDA Online's colorful and unique visual style gives the feeling of intimacy. A wide array of special effects makes full use of 3D graphics to provide a highly immersive gaming experience.

- Distinct Items NIDA Online boasts a unique equipment system with items that have visual distinction. Experience the amazing changes your characters will undergo when wearing different types of items.

- Clearly Defined Character Development Each character in NIDA Online has a distinct development system. Simply changing the character will give you the impression of playing an entirely different game.

- Exotic World The setting of NIDA Online is not your run-of-the-mill medieval fantasy world. It fuses elements of the past, the present, and the future. Don’t be alarmed when you see a dinosaur. A realm far beyond your wildest imagination awaits you.

- Reward System Special items are offered to individual players and guilds to endlessly stimulate the desire to challenge and prove yourself.

- Transports Every race possesses a diverse set of transports. Strategically utilize your transport’s skills and arsenal to experience the frenzy of cinematic blockbuster action.

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