NHN partners with Moneybookers for Karos Online

NHN Corporation, and the global online payment solution provider Moneybookers have partnered to enable players of the free-to-play online fantasy game Karos Online to purchase premium game content quickly and easily using a Moneybookers eWallet account.

With more than 12 million account holders worldwide, the Moneybookers eWallet is a popular and secure payment option that is very simple to use, requiring only an email address and password to make real-time online purchases. Registration at Moneybookers is free, and funds can be transferred from a bank account or credit/debit card.

"We aim to offer the most secure and convenient methods of payment in the Karos Online item shop, and to that end we're very pleased to have partnered with Moneybookers," says Dongmin Lee, Director of International Business at NHN Corporation.

"A Moneybookers eWallet account is an ideal way to manage payments for online games," says Martin Ott, co-CEO of Moneybookers. "We're happy to work with NHN to provide Karos players with a smooth, safe payment option to enhance their gaming experience even further. Similarly, the Moneybookers eWallet provides NHN with a convenient way of managing the area of micropayments. Card providers charge a fee every time a card is used, which when applied to many small payments forms an ever greater part of revenue. By offering players the eWallet as a payment option, it is possible to reduce these charges levied by card providers."

Check here all you need to know about Karos Online. And visit its official website.

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