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Developed by Neverdie for Windows.


Next Island is a new MMOG based on the Entropia Universe platform. Next Island allows everyone to go back in time and explore a world full of opportunities and goods that can be transported back in our time, increasing their value to the community. Every few months a new era in history will be developed, offering endless possibilities for exploration. It is Free2Play & Free2Download with no subscription fees, which means you can join the elite colonists who harness the power of this magnificent and mystery filled alien island.


Time travel is a key differentiator in the Next Island experience and will provide users the opportunity to take a fantastic journey in an extremely immersive three-dimensional environment, discover goods and import them into the current epoch of time thus increasing their value to the community. Collect and sell valuable crystals that facilitate time travel.

Next Island will be the only virtual world where time travel is possible. Explore the Ice Age in 18,000 BC, the Amazons in 300 BC or other periods in history or the future.


In Next Island there are over 200 professions. Become an expert and sell your services to other players. There is a market for services and skills that are time consuming to acquire.

Hunting creatures is a great source of valuable natural resources like oils, skins, bones and more. These resources are sought after by manufacturers and some of the rarest can command high prices. A large variety of ranged and melee weapons are available. Basic weapons and ammunition can be bought from the Trade Terminal. More advanced weapons and equipment can be bought from the auction, shops or directly from other participants.

Using the Beautician Panel, the beautician will begin performing the tasks you have requested. Once satisfied, the beautician will add necessary raw materials e.g. hair spray, hair gel etc., and set a price. The beautician will also see the success rate (SR) for this procedure. The success rate is based on the beautician's skills and the amount of raw materials added for the procedure.

Raw materials can be mined, bought from the auction or shops, or purchased through direct trade with other avatars. Most raw materials will need to be refined in order to be used in the manufacturing process. Access the Manufacturing Terminal for the item you wish to manufacture by right clicking on it and choosing Operate from the interaction menu. There are different terminals for weapons manufacturing, tool manufacturing, armor manufacturing, tailoring etc.

Miners roam the lands in search of resources that can be classified into two major groups: ores and enmatters. Ores and enmatters being traded are ranging from common to extremely rare resources. While mining, your avatar will be building a number of skills related to mining that include surveying, prospecting, mining, geology and more. In order to extract the resources you need to equip the correct Excavator (ore) or Extractor (enmatter) tool, and have the Resource Deed in your Inventory.

Using special clothing pattern Blueprints and tailoring materials a huge range of different clothing garments can be manufactured. Tailoring Blueprint Books are used to store the necessary Blueprints.

Taming Animals
Get yourself a cute pet traveling around the world.

Artist or Graphic Designer
Express yourself and create cool art to sell. Become a virtual Picasso.


Participants may display and sell any item through shops, selling booths and portable shopkeepers. The first and most important item needed to open a shop is the Estate Deed for the shop you wish to operate. Estate Deeds are the official deeds to houses, apartments, shops and selling booths. Estate Deeds may be bought from the auction or through direct trade with another participant.

A regular maintenance fee must be paid in order to run your shop or selling booth. This fee will vary depending on where your shop is located. The maintenance fee will be displayed in the Estate Terminal interface. When selling an item, a landowner fee will also be added to the retail price and paid to the owner of the land where the shop is situated, when the item is sold.


Items can be limited, unlimited or stackable. The Items Info will reveal whether the item is a limited (L) or unlimited item.  All items deteriorate when being used. When the item deteriorates, the TT value will decrease. The difference is in the life cycle of the item. As opposed to limited items, unlimited items can be repaired after their value has decreased.


The term estate refers to different forms of property available including apartments, houses, hangars and castles. Every piece of property comes with an Estate Deed. The Estate Deed shows the name and location of the estate, and any additional area that may come with the property such as a garden etc. Some properties, especially apartments, do not come with additional areas.

There is no limit to the number of estates a single participant may own, meaning that you may become a true real estate broker if you like. Estate Deeds can be purchased from the auction or through direct trade with other participants.


An Investment must be made in your ad, and the minimum Investment possible for any ad is 30 PED. You may also set the Duration that you wish to run the ad. The minimum Duration available for an ad is 1 day. The maximum Duration is 30 days. The Length of your ad (combined Sequences) is also displayed, enabling you to increase or decrease Sequence lengths in order to maximize the 30 seconds of ad length available.

The ad system is based on a Dynamic Display Probability. The Dynamic Display Probability is displayed as a percentage, and shows the current probability of the ad being run on the main Ad Display Boards. The probability will continually increase or decrease depending on the number and Investment values of the other ads in the system.




1.7 GHz Intel P4 or AMD Athlon XP 1700+
512 MB RAM or more
Graphics Card that supports Shader 2.0 or higher
NVIDIA GeForce 6000 series or higher / ATI Radeon R300 Series (96xx or higher)
DirectX 9.0c
3GB of free space

Website: Next Island

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