Nexon has announced the latest update of Dekaron

Nexon has announced that the latest update of Dekaron is coming soon and arrives with two new heroes to fight for Trieste. Prepare to enter the chilling depths of the new Dead Front ‘Ice Castle’ instance, in the fight to defeat the Ultimate Boss. An epic journey awaits!

New Heroes

- Conserra Summoners - Conserra Summoners have the same origin as their “Vicious” brethren but do not only specialise in summoning spells. They wield gleaming dual blades and use their expertise in stealth tactics to move silently among their foes. The stealth ability of Conserra Summoners is even more powerful than that of a Vicious Summoner. As well as staying hidden, they can perform a multitude of powerful moves whilst remaining undetected! Their stealth duration is relatively long, allowing for effective initiation or avoidance of skirmishes.

- Segeuripers - Segeuripers are the male version of the Segnales. Along with the Segnales Class, Segeuripers possess the ability to heal and revive, but their selfish ways have led to their skills being more self-centered. Their “Return Instinct” ability allows them to revive themselves at the cost of the death of an ally. They also have a special skill to steal or absorb abilities from their enemies.

New Raid

The new Dead Front, Ice Castle, is a large scale raid where players fight to defeat “Ofucus”, the ultimate boss inside the “Fortress of Focus”, the impenetrable fort. Players also compete with each other to become the mightiest hero.

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