Nexon America has released a set of videos that presents the Dragon Nest’s Tinkerer Class

Nexon America has released a set of videos for its action MMORPG Dragon Nest which features game’s new Tinkerer class. The new Tinkerer Class brings new ways to bash enemies like missiles, cannons, chemical attacks or robot bodyguards.

Tinkerer is the sister of a brainy scientist who sends the Tinkerer into the past to stop future destruction and chaos. The Tinkerer gives players a variety of weapons include rapid fire cannons, bubble blasters and Alfred the Robot Bodyguard, who fights alongside the Tinkerer, carrying identical stats.

Tinkerer Action - This video shows off a variety of the Tinkerer’s skills including the skills as an alchemist and engineer specialists.

Making of the Tinkerer Action - This video is a live-action video where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at the tinkerer action video

Tinkerer Fictional Audition - This video is also a live-action video where you can see a fictional audition of the new tinkerer class.

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