New white mounts in 4story


4story today revealed brand new white mounts into the game. You can get 1% chance for claiming these limited mounts with a certain mystery box. In the continent of 4story, mounts are sources of pride and tools to win against enemies at the same time. And, for more than 1 year, GMs of 4story have been distributing 30 days ride tickets for all new comers for free.

"Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a Legendary Pegasus of infinity. You have 1% chance to win this unique mount upon opening the mystery box. This Pegasus will be yours to keep forever without any time limits. This legendary Pegasus was believed to be the genuine leader of its kind. Don't worry if you fail to get this legendary Pegasus. You still have 99% chance to win other fabulous 4Story premium items worth your investment."" said the Chief Marketing manager of ZEMI Interactive, Daniel Choi.

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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