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Freejam is pleased to announce that the free-to-play Robot building and battling game Robocraft has received its latest expansion today, titled ‘Clan Party’.

The free update enhances many of Robocraft’s core social features such as adding the ability for players to join and create clans for up to 50 players, form 5-person Party’s easily in-game with a new menu widget, and take part in multiple discussions via fully customisable chat channels. These social features are in addition to improved Premium member benefits and new game content, all of which is summarised below:

- New Clans Functionality: Robocraft players can now search for and join or create clans for up to 50 players. Borrowing its functionality from similar online titles, clans have their own customisable description and avatars for members to proudly show off their allegiance, as well as a dedicated private chat channel.

- Party Up for Free: Formerly five-person parties were only available if one member had Premium membership. Now players can create a five-person group in-game for free, via a completely overhauled Party system.

- Improved Chat Support: Players can now create, join and view multiple public or private chat channels at once, with all discussions viewable in one window.

- New Sprinter Legs: The winning suggestion in the latest Robocraft Community Poll, Sprinter Legs can jump higher and move faster than regular mech legs.

- Better Recycle Rates: All Premium users now receive 3-times more Robits than before, when they choose to recycle items they receive after matches via Salvage Crates. Robits can be used to craft new weapons, cubes, cosmetics and movement options via the in-game Forge.

- Lifetime Premium: In addition to 1 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day, 30 Day and 90 Day Premium offerings, players can now purchase Lifetime Premium for $49.99 (USD) / £34.99 (GBP) / €44.99 (EUR).


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