New Update for Riders of Icarus Unleashed: Corruption of Light

Riders of Icarus - news

Nexon America and WeMade have rolled out the latest content update for their free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus. As the game moves toward commercial launch, the Corruption of Light content update delivers all-new zones to the Kingdom of Hakanas along with dangerous new dungeons and over 30 familiars to fight, capture and tame.

Riders have access to two new zones in Corruption of Light, Ellora Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon, as they are tasked with helping the light elves of Ellora Sanctuary reclaim the Demonic Stone from the Chaos Legion before the God of Ruin is summoned. Along with an increased level cap of 55 and two new field bosses to tackle, players can further upgrade their characters with all new gear sets from the Forgotten Sanctuary - where the Demonic Stone is held behind a powerful barrier. In addition, the update features three new Legendary Dungeons for the best players to explore and conquer.

Corruption of Light also features the Transcendence System for players to further increase their strength. Riders can enhance their favourite equipment by consuming the exact same item to increase the attributes. By transcending their best weapons and armour up to five times, players will wield an unprecedented level of power to prepare for legendary dungeons, future foes and beyond.


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