New update for Alliance of Valiant Arms

With summer coming to a close, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is preparing to infiltrate the PC’s of loyal players with the latest update.  A new map, a new game mode, and new weapons are all a part of the update package that is sure to please the FPS gamers getting ready to wage battle during the last weeks of summer heat.
The most notable addition this week is the Hell Hound Map, becoming A.V.A’s seventh map for their demolition game mode.  In demolition, players are split into two teams with one side defending the map while the other side attempts to plant and set off a bomb.  Unlike the other maps, Hell Hound takes the players to the outskirts of Paris this time where they can partake in some guerilla-style combat.  However, not only do A.V.A players get a new demolition map, they also get a new “Demolition Random” mode.  When this mode is selected, players will not know which map they are fighting in until the game starts adding a nice element of surprise. 
Also to assist players with these new additions, three new weapons will also be introduced into the game: AUG-A1 an assault rifle, Mad Galil, a semi-automatic sniper rifle, and the MP40, a sub-machine gun.

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