New Update for Elsword: Transcendence Phase 2

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KOG Games today announces the launch of the Transcendence Phase 2 Update for all 11 characters. In Phase 2 of the all new Transcendence update series, Elsword players have the ability to unlock 1 Active and 1 Passive Skill for each character at level 80. In addition, a full blown PvP Revamp and all new Tournament Mode will be introduced, and to top it all off, the K-Pop super group BTS will be lending some fashion sense, their song 'Run", and their signature dance moves to mix.

The all new Transcendence Skills put a new spin on the traditional action brawler update narrative. Instead of big, fat, explosive new skills, the 2nd Phase ushers in new passive and active skills in the support, buff, debuff, and most importantly, the highly sought after combo–assist skill categories.

There's no better way to make use of this awesome new skill update than with a PvP revamp and all new Tournament mode. PvP matchmaking has been completely overhauled to better account for player gear, stats and win rates; pitting players better suited for a better PvP experience. In addition, a 1v1, best of 3 mode has been added.

Then, there's the all new Tournament Mode. Based on a preset schedule, players will be able to sign up and participate in structured tournaments via the Arena UI. This versatile feature allows players to sign up by themselves or with their guildies. The new mode is a league-based, bracketed tournament. Based on their performance, players can win items, experience, AP and more!


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