New Update to Celebrate DCUO’s 6th Anniversary

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The sixth anniversary of Daybreak Games’ DC Universe Online (DCUO) is here, and with it comes new limited-time in-game events that will unite Super Heroes and Super-Villains. Players must travel through time to a new version of Metropolis, where a Qwardian invasion from the Antimatter Universe threatens the Earth, and take on the Anti-Monitor to save the world from destruction. All participating characters will be scaled up to a high combat rating to allow players of nearly all levels to join this fight to save the world.

The special Anti-Monitor anniversary event features:
New Open World Missions: Metropolis Antimatter Invasion Zone
New 8-Player Raid: Centennial Collapse
New Gear, Collections, Feats, and More
New Anti-Monitor-inspired gear
New auto-leveling gear set
New base items and consumables
An all-new Anniversary Time Capsule is also available to players, featuring Qwardian-inspired gear, mods and styles.

WHEN: The 6th anniversary Anti-Monitor event is available to players now through Jan. 31, 2017.


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