New Unit in Supremacy 1914: the Cavalry

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The ground is shaking as the CAVALRY enters the battlefield in Supremacy 1914. Combine swift mobility with deadly strength to defeat your enemies before they even know it. To match the new unit, we also rebalanced some of the other units, especially the Armored Car was significantly improved. Additionally, a stop button was added to the unit command panel and now allows you to perfectly control your unit movement.

Here is the full list of the new features that await you in Supremacy 1914:

- New Unit! The Cavalry now charges through the battlefield and shines with its strength and mobility.
- Armored Car improvements and other balancing changes were made.
- A stop button was added to the unit command panel.
- Based on your feedback, the fog of war was slightly darkened.
-Two arrow buttons were added to the build queue menu (feature of the High Command). Clicking them sets entries in the queue to the top or the bottom of the list and greatly helps you organizing longer build queues.



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