New treasure map system of GodsWar Online

In the latest update to GodsWar Online v.2.11.000, thebiggest highlight is the introduction of a brand-new treasure map system.



How to obtain a Treasure map
Find the Random Quest Manager in the city square in each of the main cities to pick up random chained quests. The completion of the tenth quest in a quest-chain will earn you a Treasure Map, and possibly other mysterious goodies as additional rewards.

How to use the Treasure Map
Using a Treasure Map is not rocket science. You don’t have to rack your brain trying to crack a secret code or decipher ancient glyphs. All that's required is to follow the location marked on the map. A simple click on the coordinates will even auto-track you right to the location of the hidden treasure.

What’s in It for You
An extensive collection of rare items can usually be found at the locations where treasure is stashed. You will find items such as valuable crystals and precious gems. So, if you're not exactly what we'd call a high-roller in the Item Mall, this is an great way to pick up rare and valuable items without breaking your budget!

Tips and Tricks
Throughout this introduction to the Treasure maps, we've emphasized how easy it is to find. This is true, but getting away with the treasure is another story altogether. Once you are in the vicinity of the treasure, encountering Demons is almost a certainty. It's almost as if they can smell the greed and the gold. Defeat them to pick up additional treasure they may be carrying with them, as well as picking up large amounts of experience for your trouble. Possible drops include the Summoning Vessel, which can help you summon alliance forces to your aid when battling monsters or in a PvP duel. It will give you an distinct edge over your enemies, anywhere, anytime.

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