New Trailer and Premium Collector’s Edition of TESO


Bethesda and ZeniMax have released a brand new cinematic trailer along with the announcement of a a premium collector’s edition of The Elder Scrolls Online due to launch worldwide on April 4, 2014 for PC and Mac.

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition will be made available in digital and extremely limited physical formats that can be pre-ordered through participating retailers and pre-purchased at the newly launched online shop.

The digital edition for $79.99 (€79.99/ £69.99/ AU$119.95) contains the base game plus an exclusive collection of digital content, including a special mount and pet, the status of an Imperial allowing to join any alliance to gain unique bonuses, crafting styles, gear, and more.

The physical edition come at a prize of $99.99 (€99.99/£89.99/AU$139.95) and offers, in addition to the content of the digital version, a Molag Bal statue, a 224-page illustated guide, a large physical map of Tamriel in a steelbook package.

Source of information: Bethesda press release.


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