New trailer for Mythos

Frogster has just released a new trailer for the Hack-and-Slay Action-MMORPG, Mythos, which is due to be launched in 2011. The video introduces players to the world of Mythos and will also be integrated into the game as the opening video. It tells a tale of trust, betrayal, destruction and revenge.

In times past, four races formed an alliance based on the promise of peace and cooperation – the cyclopes, the humans, the gremlins and the satyrs. However, some human mercenaries were possessed by greed. They attacked the cyclops village and razed it to the ground in a merciless battle for a mysterious green gem – the eye of Crom the cyclops – which they then stole. After their bloody victory the human mercenaries proceeded further into the Evergreen Pasture to wreak more havoc using the power of the green gem. However, one brave Cyclops survived the battle and was overcome with grief after the massive betrayal of trust within the once strong alliance. Consumed by sorrow and driven by rage, he resolved to hunt down the human mercenaries and avenge the honor of the alliance. This is where players will delve into the history of this mythical land through a quest series by supporting the cyclops warrior in his fight for justice and to avert further catastrophe in the world of Mythos.

Watch it through our youtube channel right here. And visit its official website.

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