New Tragic Trojan Expedition map for GodsWar Online

When the brand new Tragic Trojan Expedition map opens on September 8th, players of GodsWar Online will have the chance to join the epic assault on Troy. Paris, the seductive Trojan prince, has lured Helen away to his city. Agamemnon, the great Greek leader, has decided to launch an attack on Troy to get her back. Warriors from all over Greece have rallied to his banner. Will you help defeat Paris and reclaim Greece’s greatest beauty? How long will you last against the fierce warriors of Troy? It’s up to you to decide how the siege will end.


The map is divided into two parts, the Beach Assault and the City Assault. The beach is guarded by three legendary Trojan heroes: Archer Pandarus, Warrior Sarpedon and Prince Lycaon. The inner city is guarded by the two princes of Troy: Paris and Hector. Players must defeat these bosses one by one. Once each boss is eliminated, the next one will spawn, along with the warriors they command.

When all three Beach Assault bosses have been defeated, players can contact the Troy Transporter to be teleported to the inner city of Troy. Players can also use the Beach Transporter NPC to return to the beach. After a boss has been killed, players can claim fabulous rewards from their treasure chests, including Exp Pills, profession recipes, or the powerful Achilles Rage. The more bosses you defeat, the better the rewards.


All kills will be added to your guild’s score and your personal score. Players can speak with the Event Awarder to claim prizes after the event has ended. The highest scoring guild will earn the title of “Top Greek Guild.” Guild members must participate in the event to be eligible to claim the title, which will last for one week.

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