New Survival RPG Announced: Valnir Rok

A new sandbox survival RPG has been just unveiled: Valnir Rok, a title developed by Encurio GmbH that will take players to a mystical world inspired by the Norse mythology. The game will debut on Steam's Early Access program this september. Watch the announcement trailer below .

Valnir Rok will be playable during this year's Gamescom. Players will have to survive on a hostile land where they will have to face nordic deities and legendary creatures while building up clans and fighting against each other.

“It’s the dream of every passionate gamer to make games and we take our first big step in making the dream into reality with the announcement of Valnir Rok,” states Sebastian Rahmel, Game Director at Encurio GmbH. “We love Vikings and survival games so it was natural for us to pursue our vision of a Viking survival roleplaying game. Our development team is very passionate about the project and we’re all looking forward to debuting the game at gamescom 2017.”

Here is the trailer:


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