New pet system will be included in Runes of Magic

Frogster has announced that the next expansion to the third chapter of Runes of Magic due in late June will bring with it a selection of new features to Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms. The Update “Warnorken Castle” integrates, amongst others, over 100 virtual pets with a range of new functions.


Players will be able to access the new pets after completing a specific quest where they can receive pet eggs after defeating an NPC opponent. Once players have summoned their useful companions a wide range of skills will be made available to them. The pets can be managed, cared for, and even combined together using an extensive menu. These pets can also be allocated various attributes such as experience, talent and loyalty which directly have various effects on players’ characters. For instance, the loyalty value of a pet will directly determine the probability of it attacking an opponent. The more trained and content a pet is, the more strongly it will support its master in battle or in producing crafting materials. Players can also benefit from effective buffs during combat depending on their pets’ attributes. To begin with players will be able to own up to six pets and will be able to summon one of them at any one time. Two extra slots will be activated in the future.

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