New marriage system for Dragonica



gPotato Europe has announced that the marriage system is now incorporated into Dragonica, and is available for all players from today. Dream weddings can now be a reality, thanks to the highly anticipated Dragonica marriage system. The beautiful wedding hall has officially opened its doors, complete with a registrar and wedding planner to take care of everything that the big day requires. For couples looking to take things to the next level, the marriage system is the perfect add-on, as it casts aside all doubt that both partners belong together.  The marriage system unlocks an exciting new quest chain that is especially designed for, and exclusive to, married couples.

On the big day, players can enjoy a beautiful ceremony and say a few special words at the altar. And if that’s not enough, married couples gain an exclusive marriage achievement which unlocks a powerful bonus for both partners to enjoy. To commemorate the special occasion, gPotato Europe are also running an exclusive Dragonica contest. Newly married couples can submit screenshots of their wedding guests online, for the chance to win a fantastic prize.

Check here all you need to know about Dragonica. And visit its official website.

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