New map for Combat Arms Europe

Nexon Europe has announced the launch of its newest map ‘Sector 25’, along with brand new engaging in-game events for Combat Arms.  With the new Sector 25 map, players will need to annihilate the enemies at the Nemesis Research Lab which is under attack. Whilst battling with the enemy, players will have to make sure they protect the antidote sample which has been developed to combat a malicious virus. Along with this exciting new map, new NX and GP items will be available for the players.

Also, to keep players busy over the summer, Combat Arms Europe is launching three events to keep dedicated soldiers on their toes. The Recruit a Friend event enables players to introduce as many friends as they want to the game, with endless rewards in return. To get involved, players need to encourage their new recruits to at least rank as a Sergeant and then both players will be rewarded with GPs, EXP/GP bonus passes and much more – the new recruits’ progress, is the veteran soldiers’ progress. The more recruits the veterans enlist and help qualify, the more rewards they will receive accordingly. All participants will also be entered into multiple raffles to win great in-game prizes, and a mystery grand prize raffle.

Another opportunity for players to earn rewards is through the Capture the Video Contest where they can upload their own in-game videos to YouTube and the best three will be rewarded, with the top prize being an impressive 100,000 Nexon Cash. Players really can earn a fortune with Combat Arms this summer, plenty to spend in the Black Market.

Finally, from the 18th of August, the GM Attack event will take place for two weeks and during the event GMs will appear randomly in the game, where they will create game rooms and make special game announcements. Players will need to stay alert through game play to ensure that they don’t miss any of the GM notices. Also, all players that participate in games with the GMs will receive tons of GPs!

Check here all you need to know about Combat Arms. And visit its official website.

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