New Life is Feudal Screenshots


Bitbox has published new screenshots from Life is Feudal, the upcoming medieval MMO that is currently in Closed Beta. These new images showcase player constructions and different environments we'll see in the game. Check them out below.

Life is Feudal is a realistic non-fantasy MMO that takes players to a medieval world where they will be able to assume the role they prefer within a feudal society, from farmers to knights or feudal lords.


life-is-feudal-screenshot-1 life-is-feudal-screenshot-2 life-is-feudal-screenshot-3 life-is-feudal-screenshot-4 life-is-feudal-screenshot-5 life-is-feudal-screenshot-6 life-is-feudal-screenshot-7 life-is-feudal-screenshot-8 life-is-feudal-screenshot-9 life-is-feudal-screenshot-10 life-is-feudal-screenshot-11 life-is-feudal-screenshot-12 life-is-feudal-screenshot-13

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