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Following the recent launch of the new Service Pack for Victory: The Age of Racing, Giovanni Antonioli Fantini (Vae Victis CEO) and Antonio Moro (Vae Victis Creative Director) talk about the innovations that brings this huge update to the game's general condition.

And to begin with we leave you a new gameplay walkthrough where you can see Victory: The Age of Racing and its innovations in action.

Giovanni Antonioli Fantini, CEO of Vae Victis said: With this latest game update, in six months of frantic development, we've crossed the Rubicon, Victory is going to be the best free to play online racing game out there. Therefore, I challenge to all fans of online racing games to take a look to Victory and make us know their feedbacks here.

Antonio Moro, Creative Director of Vae Victis said: For us this has been the most difficult and intense development cycle since we started to develop Victory. We took all the feedbacks, the suggestions and new ideas that we gathered during the first Beta stages of Victory, we placed them on a big white board and we started thinking on what to change or introduce in Victory,without any kind of limit.

We designed a new interface. We studied new ways to optimise the game, we changed the basics of our economy, we introduced new experiences, new kind of events, new possibilities for the players, we scripted a game tutorial. We changed the game, for the better, and we started developing this new Service Pack for Victory.

The latest game update has also brought a revolution: we wanted to create an open wheel fantasy racing world based on an original background story that players get engaged with, something never seen in a racing game. The racing culture as we know today get lost, took over by DriveNet, a controlled driving system, but an uprise emerged: driven by the passion for glory and speed, racers lead by the Racing Authority recycled auto parts to create a new generation of cars inspired from the legendary open-wheels cars.


 Victory Screenshot - 007

The most obvious change in Beta 4 is the new main screen, which now offers these features:

  • Social bars (chats, players list, friends, status, etc)

  • A new Activities Bar in which you can see custom events, active events and the access to the lobby (the place where you can join the races). Now you don't have to waste time navigating between menus, since from the main screen and our central server you can join easily all races, events and tournaments of the game.

  • A new Car List containing all the cars you own. In this menu you can create a car from scratch or choose from one of the cars that you already have and improve it / customize it.

  • The garage, where you keep your cars: choose any of them and see it in all its glory.

  • A new much simpler main menu, where you can change the settings, exit the game, take a look at your achievements, enter in the game shop and much more.


Victory Screenshot - 001

During the Beta 4 we decided to unlink the car class access from the levelling system. Now you don't have to wait to have level 21 to get mid class cars, or at the level of 41 to acquire higher class cars.

Now, you will begin your path in Victory with the class of car that you prefer, you can buy the car you want from the beginning, and you can participate in all the events and races.

Each car in a class compete in what we now generically call “Championships”.

  • Legends Championships – Revive the legendary days in which the pioneers of driving were heroes in search of adventure and speed. The Legends Championship offers a lot of power, little aerodynamics combined with the total lack of electronic components.

  • Classic Championships - Smoking pilots, burning cars and the first technical innovations comes with the Classic Championships. In this competition you can experiment with aerodynamics, and the power of the turbo engines, and enjoy the most exotic aesthetics.

  • Formula Championships - Try the maximum car performance in these Championships. The cars of this championships are stable, technologic, aerodynamic and very powerful. There is no room for errors, and only the most skilled drivers can succeed.


Victory Screenshot - 004

During the Beta 4 we  also decided to add a new way to move players through the game, and thus to make them run in certain races, complete certain achievements or buy particular cars.

You can now choose between three racing teams in the main screen, one for each car class in the game. You can start in a racing team for each car class in the game.

The racing teams are divided into 3 groups depending on their performance, and to unlock exclusive rewards for each racing team you have to complete several achievements in each group.

Players who complete a racing team will become what we call "Official Drivers" and will be allowed to participate in special championships and events. Each racing team hasdifferent attributes, different tires and engine suppliers, and different esthetics.


Victory Screenshot - 009

This beta also adds to the game a new integrated Marketplace in which players can purchase special cars, starter packs, special offers, widgets, game currencies and much more.

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