New Hoverboards in Free Realms

Hoverboards, Fall Away Blocks, Fluffy and Storm Cloud Blocks, new weapons and clothes for the Wizard job, new weapons and clothes for the Warrior job, and the different sized Bounce Pads are now available in the Free Realms marketplace. Clothing and weapons for the Archer job, Tiger Rides and Treeble pets are scheduled to be released early this summer.



Why walk when you can ride a Hoverboard? That’s right, the Ride every kid has wanted since 1989, debuts today in the family-friendly virtual world of Free Realms™! Players will look cool cruising around Free Realms at 150 percent of their character’s normal walking speed and showing off with board trick animations. The Precursor Tech Hoverboard is currently available in a brown and blue version and a brown and orange version, each for 550 Station Cash in the Marketplace.

Also arriving
Also available in Free Realms today are Fall Away Blocks, Fluffy and Storm Cloud Blocks and small, medium and large Bounce Pads. These new items are perfect accessories for player imagination and building on the recently introduced Vacant Lots in Snowhill and Briarwood. From tree houses and obstacle courses to mazes in the sky, Vacant Lots are empty plots of land ripe for constructing anything players can dream up.

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