New Hex-shape Map in Call of War

Call of War - news

During the last month Call of War released a new map, which gives you the opportunity to experience the game in a completely new way.

Here are some facts:

● The provinces have hex field shapes.
● It is a point­symmetrical map with one main island and several small islands.
● It is made for 5vs5, 5 players on each side of the island. Perfectly suited for alliance games.
● Every player starts with 22 provinces.
● Everything is perfectly balanced for both teams.
● Multiple AI countries can be conquered for an additional advantage.
● The terrain is designed to create multiple fighting hotspots with different possible strategies.
● The resource distribution & player positions within a team are designed in a way to encourage different roles and focuses (like land offensive or air & naval support).
● The research cost and times are reduced by 50%.

To achieve the best game experience on this new strategical map we recommend to create maps with enabled peace period and starts when full settings. The map is a Gold Feature. This means, to enter the map you will have to pay 5.000 Gold or be part of the High Command.



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