New Hero available in Marvel Heroes: Nightcrawler

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Gazillion Entertainment has just announced the introduction of a new hero to their action MMO Marvel Heroes: Kurt Wagner, the son of Mystique and also known as Nightcrawler, is now available.

This new character was raised in Germany by a fortune teller belonging to a travelling circus. He's able to use teleportation as well as his superhuman agility and expert swashbuckling to quickly cope with his enemies.

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Players have different options to obtain Nightcrawler; they may either buy the hero from the game store using in-game currency or the alternate currency Eternity Splinters or purchase a Nightcrawler Hero Pack with real world money. The pack includes Nightcrawler, several costumes, his S.T.A.S.H. tab, Fortune Cards and a Retcon Device.

Source of information: Gazillion Entertainment press release.


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