New Free-to-play Racing MMO Announced: World of Speed

World of Speed - news

Slightly Mad Studios has just announced a new free-to-play AAA arcade racing MMO: World of Speed will enter closed beta testing in spring 2014 and will be released later this year for PC.

World of Speed allows players to take over the driver's seat of an almost limitless array of cars, not only ranging from the world's fastest super cars to the most iconic cars from throughout the storied history of auto racing but also including everyday city runners. They will race on realistic tracks all over the globe that only a speed freak could dream up, inspired by different city roadways such as San Francisco or London.

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"At the heart of World of Speed lies a unique massive multiplayer online experience which incorporates a dynamic social elements and entirely new ways to compete in a racing video game - from an individual to a team level," said Ian Bell, Chief Executive Officer of Slightly Mad Studios. "World of Speed is an online game and will be continuously supported with innovative and fresh content to keep the competition furious well after its launch."

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The MMO promises to initiate a new level of connected competition enabling players to enjoy real-time interactive social gameplay via intense club and team gameplay as well as the Airfield social hub while unique objectives and missions in each race will make every player’s actions really matter. As an online experience, World of Speed will be updated with new cars, tracks and gameplay modes, etc. and host player challenges and live events as well.

Source of information: Slightly Mad Studios press release.


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