New features with the new patch for Tales of Fantasy

With destiny’s call unveiling a plethora of new features in Tales of Fantasy in its latest patch, “The Call of Destiny”, the much awaited city siege is finally here.

The mysterious ancient city of the Evdar has been uncovered; and buried deep within its inner chambers lies treasures of untold value and rarity. Guilds from both factions of Ashland and Bohren have begun preparations for battle to claim this city for their own – players will be seen to partake in intense, large-scale teamwork, as they give everything they’ve got in this one big gamble for riches and honor!


During the strife of Bohren and Ashland instigated by the crafty Zan Korrel, the Evdar people begun to grow bold in their ambitions. Having convinced the ruthless vagabonds and convicts in the Northern Dungeon to lend them support, the Evdar begun to construct a castle city right over the Northern Dungeon, and named it Evdar City. This was meant to be the base of operations for the future plans of the Evdar to eventually claim the entire land of Elterra .

Alas, nothing of epic scale can ever be kept under wraps for long; with Evdar’s massive buyout of expensive materials on the market for storage in their new city, this hush-hush affair soon became known with the investigation of a well-known crafter guild – Ghost Valley.

Many attempts at stealing or robbing the city of its treasures have been made, whether in the dark, or as a direct challenge to the great city now overrun with Evdar troops and the ex-convicts of Northern Dungeon. But till today, no one who dared to venture have returned alive.

Threats of death have not deterred others to follow in the same footsteps of those who have failed and paid their life for it. In fact, this challenge has bolstered relations and teamwork between separate guilds, to combine their strength in a bid to claim Evdar City and its hidden treasures for their own.

Event Details
● Evdar City is situated inside of the Northern Dungeon map.
● Once the event starts, a Base Stone will appear in Evdar City. The guild to successfully conquer this Base Stone will gain control of Evdar City!
● War Chariots and Catapults, and the related status inflicting Bottles can all be purchased from the Guild Manager, and can only be used in the vicinity of Evdar City.

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