New features with Revelations of Gipat for Allods Online



The Allods team has announced new features that will be available in the upcoming expansion, Patch 1.1: Revelations of Gipat. Some of the most exciting changes that are being introduced are suggestions that originated directly from player feedback.

"By popular demand, we are now implementing chat bubbles! This means that anything that a player says will now appear above the player’s head in the form of a bubble. Don’t worry – channels like whisper and guild are protected, and players will have the option to turn the bubbles off.

But that’s not all! Just to mention a few more key changes, we’ll also be introducing a target-of-target system, new animations, new and improved audio, more hotkey capabilities (we’re looking at you, summoners), and the option to invert the Y-axis on your mouse.

New end-game content to Patch 1.1 includes three new bosses to Gorluxor’s Tower! Players will now be able to test their strength against Zalmar the Twisted, the elusive Orcish necromancer Strina the Fierce, and the vampire that’s harder to kill than a cockroach, Armando de Doucer.

Perhaps one of our biggest changes to Patch 1.1 is the official support of add-ons in Allods Online! We are extremely excited to see what type of add-ons the Allods community will create to further improve players’ gaming experience!"

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