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Ubisoft and Blue Byte have introduced a new feature to their real-time strategy game Anno Online, which enables players to construct monuments to receive remarkable in-game bonuses.

A newly implemented quest chain allows players to gain knowledge points and unlock the monumental buildings, which take up to three construction phases to be completed. Players have to ensure to constantly serve the building site with material and special construction components they have to look for throughout the the game.

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Having finished their first monument, which is the Library, players will get access to a tech tree consisting of multiple branches. Using knowledge points, these branches can be unlocked to be able to build six different types of Botanical Gardens that all grant a specific bonus or buff.

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Players can visit each other to offer or ask others for their help in constructing monuments. By sending constructors to the construction site for a specific period of time, it's possible to improve the construction process of these buildings on other players' islands.

Source of Information: Ubisoft press release.

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