New content update for Shaiya (Episode V)

Shaiya is having a major content update next week: Episode V. The following is what you will find with the expanded content:

New Level Cap of 70!
Mystra Awaits with many new mysteries and threats yet to come; meet the challenge by expanding your current level above and beyond the previous limitations! Explore Shaiya’s largest content expansion ever, only those worthy of the Goddess can hope to dispel the mysterious new threat to Gaia..

Over 150+ Expanded Skills
Eviscerate and destroy your foes with over 150+ expanded skills! Like the devastating new level 6 Rising uppercut and many many more...

Over 300+ New Items, Weapons and Gear!
All New weapons, Items, Gear and much more will help you battle the new threat facing Gaia or just give you the edge in PVP.

Canos Ilium
Challenge elemental demi-gods of fire and earth in this scorching volcanic wasteland with new areas to explore, and new discoveries to be made. With over 100 new monsters and dozens of new quests. Trudge through this huge new area, but tread with care-- If you're not careful, you could be burned to a crisp! 
Challenge elemental demi-gods of wind and ice in this lush alien-like rainforest, scattered with abandoned ancient ruins to explore and new quests to embark upon. Escape to a wondrous land of captivating beauty and paralyzing terror, and triumph over 100 new monsters! 
All new weapons and armor
With new monsters to slay and new areas to explore, the necessity for upgraded gear is fulfilled with over 100 new pieces of gear spanning all classes across both factions! Whole new sets for levels 61+ are now available throughout the world. Be the first one in your guild to collect a whole set!

Intense new PvP action
Step up your PvP game. Level up, collect your new gear, and dominate the opposing faction as they struggle to match your amazing power. Competition has been taken to a whole new level with episode 5. Weapons are deadlier, armor is burlier, and the new skills and skill chains are more effective than ever before.

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