New content Update for Dreadnought

Grey Box, Six Foot and independent developer YAGER have released the 1.9.0 update for the Windows PC open beta of Dreadnought, the class-based spaceship action game. The highlight of this latest major content update is Amirani, a new map named for the supervolcano on Jupiter’s moon Io. Amirani is home to the largest active lava flows in the Solar System, and as such, this exciting map is dominated by spectacular displays of molten rock and ash, casting a scorching veil over the research colony of Jacawitz.

The 1.9.0 update adds two new hero ships to the game: the Tunmen, a heavy artillery cruiser, and the Hanuman, a light dreadnought. The team has also further refined Dreadnought’s combat reward system, in-game tutorial and online matchmaking process based on player feedback.

Moreover, Dreadnought now features full German language audio and text support, an especially meaningful milestone for the Berlin-based development team at YAGER, which plans to continue supporting additional languages in the future.


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