New Content and New Publisher for AVA

Alliance of Valiant Arms - news

Today, En Masse Entertainment is excited to announce that following a successful closed beta test, the popular free-to-play military FPS title Alliance of Valiant Arms has entered open beta! To celebrate this milestone, the game has been updated with brand new content and, starting today, players will also be able to migrate their accounts from the previous publisher to the En Masse-hosted service.

Developed by Red Duck Inc., AVA is a team-based military shooter that that casts players in the roles of the all-purpose rifleman, the close-combat point man, or the long-range sniper, in a pulse-pounding variety of co-op and PvP missions.

Today’s update brings the all new “AVA Sports” mode to the game for players looking for non-lethal ways to test their skills. Players will be able to compete against each other in events including Super Jump, Bar Crossing, Shooting, Breakthrough, and Relay. Two brand new A.I. escort maps round out today’s content update—Rising Dust (Night) and Scorpion—as well as the re-opening of the in-game store for players interested in purchasing cosmetic or convenience items.


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