New content for Soul of the Ultimate Nation

Players wield cursed magic and wreak havoc with a new character, Shadow, in the latest update to Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N). Along with this new ominous character comes a treasure trove of updates, including a new village and new area in Helron’s Castle, as well as 180 new quests.

Shadow combines the traits of a dark sorcerer and an assassin to create a foreboding and powerful new character. Using daggers and whipshards for main weapons, Shadow deals additional damage with the use of dark and cursed magic. Players who master Shadow can ignite soul control, which enables them to command ferocious monsters into their army of minions. Other new features introduced by the update include:

- New Quests
Players that are level 100 or higher now have access to 180 new quests, offering dozens of hours of gameplay.

- New Area in Helron’s Castle
Experienced players can now explore new areas called Neville’s Swamp and Bronze Moon City. Also, players now have access to the Area conquest for Helron’s Castle.

- New Village
The 4th village in S.U.N acts as the new community hub for highly-experienced players, giving the most dedicated fans a place to interact with each other.

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