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Five professions with special abilities in upcoming expansion 'Beyond the Horizon'

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The next big expansion of Bounty Bay Online will integrate five character classes with their individual special abilities into the historical world of exploration. Each of the five new classes Royal Military Officer, Imperial Guardian, Caribbean Pirate, Treasure Hunter and Armed Businessman, will receive its own individual skill tree in ‘Beyond the Horizon’. Using talent points, which can be acquired through applying their abilities, players can further expand on their special skills in the three areas of land combat, sea combat, and production (crafting). Players can drag & drop the active skills of the new classes such as certain special attacks into their skill bar and directly execute them from there as required. Passive Skills for the new character classes act as a permanent ‘buff’ or bonus.

Upon meeting the first NPC in Athens in a new Tutorial Quest, beginners will have the choice from one of the five character classes in the upcoming expansion ‘Beyond the Horizon’. A class trainer in the city will further instruct them in on-going use of the new system as the quest series progresses. Advanced players can choose one of the five classes in addition to the abilities they already learned and thereby complement these with the new special functions. All five character classes are playable as either male or female game characters. The choice of character class has no influence on the outward appearance of the characters. But all of the five classes can acquire an impressive new equipment set that awaits them as booty to reward success in high level instances, or as a reward for the victory in a PvP tournament.

The Royal Military Officer is distinguishable as a high ranking officer by particularly mastering firearms and the sword. Together with its land combat strengths, he specialises in the use of cannons in sea combat.

The Imperial Guardian also counts among the elite of the army. On land he is particularly adept in the use of the sabre, axe and sword. In sea combat, the class stands ready with special abilities in the use of grappling hooks.

The Caribbean Pirate has a passion for plundering and pillaging. As a result he tends to lean towards close combat man-to-man and makes use of the sabre or axe for his style of fighting. In sea combat he is particularly skilled in close combat with cannons. Furthermore he has taught other sea captains to fear his ramming and grappling hook abilities.

The Treasure Hunter in contrast, strives to explore every corner of the globe in order to return with valuable treasures. His sea combat strengths lies in the use of cannons at long distance. In addition the explorer has particular abilities with sea mines and ramming tactics. In land combat he is proven to be a sharpshooter with pistols and can deliver valuable assistance in group combat.

As a security-conscious trader, the Armed-Businessman’s strengths lie in defence. In sea combat he has particular abilities in ship repair and in healing seafarers. In addition he also keeps on hand special improvements to ships. In land combat, he stands out in healing and supporting roles in group combat. But once attacked, the Armed Businessman also knows well how to defend himself using a pistol.

Frogster is going to publish the expansion ‘Beyond the Horizon’ with its many new features in both German and English language versions.  In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available free of charge. Players can obtain regular information bulletins about the up-coming expansion at Bounty Bay's website.

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