New Class for Black Desert Online Announced: Striker

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During this weekend, Pearl Abyss announced new content for Black Desert Online. Among the highlights, we got to see a new class, a new ocean boss, a new unicorn mount, Kamasylvia part 2 and a new battleground.

The new class is the Striker, a melee combatant that fights his bare hands, using martial arts and more rough techniques. This class will feature high defense and evasive skills, and will specialize on 1v1 encounters. Watch the trailer below.

A new game mode was also presented: Black Raptured Dimension. In this mode, players will have to fight against waves of enemies. They will get to build barricades and other fortifications to protect the island from the invaders.

We have also known that Pearl Abyss is working on rebalancing the Siege Warfare to allow players without guild to join the war. Additionally, new elements will be introduced, like the Shield Soldiers, frontline warriors that carry shields. The developer team is also working on the second part of Kamasylvia update (an update that has not been released in the West yet) and on a new climbing system that will allow players to climb castle walls and cliffs.

They also talked about a new sistem currently in early stages of development that will allow players to link two skills to create a new one.

The new ocean boss, "Vell", will be located in the Margoria region, and it's as large as a city. Players will need to work together.

Check out the new class:


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