New balancing system with Ashes of Betrayal for Aika

With Ashes of Betrayal, there will be a new national balancing system in Aika Online, giving new players an incentive to join the least populated nation.  Creating a new character in the least populated, or “underdog” nation will automatically transfer a non-tradable starter package of potions and other useful items to the character's inventory.  Then, after completing the citizenship quest in the underdog nation, the character can receive more free items to help level up.  Lower level characters already bound to the underdog nation will also be able to receive these gift packages. 
When the formerly least populated nation is flourishing in numbers, a new underdog nation will be set.  New and low level players will be able to receive free, useful in-game items, and our massive nation vs. nation battles will become more challenging than ever before!


Ashes of Betrayal will introduce a powerful timed buff which can be accessed in any nation in the PvP channel (except in the underdog nation, where it will be available in both PvP and PvE channels).  This buff will enhance a character's stats for a short period of time, allowing the player to level faster, fight harder, and challenge powerful rivals.  Receiving this buff will be as easy as speaking to an NPC - and it's free.  As monsters are already weaker in PvP channels than PvE channels, this feature will encourage players to participate in Aika's thrilling range of player combat modes, including Relic War, Altar War, Battlegrounds, and more!
In celebration of the launch of Ashes of Betrayal on June 17th, there will be a daily server-wide 200% EXP boost from 7am to midnight PDT starting this Thursday, June 10th and running an entire week!  Now is the time to get in-game and hit level 50 to be able to experience all the new content right when it comes out!  For more information about this and other AoB launch events, visit the official Aika website.

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